Piece # 37 – Losers’ day (Dia del Boludo)

Living in Buenos Aires means trying to understand the fenomena “boludo”, an ambiguous word that we find scattered through almost every conversation. It now even has it’s own day, which is today.

We are a nation of losers. Of millions of illusions about hoping to live in peace, construct a prosper future and a society with justice. However, the so-called “alive” show us every day that trusting in promises, showing respect for others and acting upon the law is a stupidity. Something that only losers do, the ones that are lost, the ones that are stupid, the boludos.

So they tell you…
“The whole world is doing it… Who cares? Are you gonna be the only loser that…?”
We are proud that we are doing the things as we should!

We defend the honest, the good guy, the good citizen; the idea that a country is shared by all and exists for all.
Argentinean losers, unite! We’ll walk on the frontline, proud to know that within every one of us, itches the holy call of the BOLUDO argentino.
Because we are more than we think we are.
Because we are right.

For a nation with more losers every day!

Dia del boludo

Who would feel like a boludo?
– he who waits for people to step out of the metro before trying to get in himself
– he who knows he’s being underpaid but goes to work everyday with a smile because he loves his job
– she who still thinks one day there will be a politician that’s going to make a difference
– she who sees colleagues skipping from work but refuses to do so herself
– he who’s afraid of influenza A, but thinks: fuck it, I’ll wear a mouth cap and go anywhere I want to
– he who always throws his garbage into a dirt bin

(Taken from the over 900 pages of testimonies on www.diadelboludo.com)


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