Short stories from Asia – The roomboy

Ik weet eerlijk gezegd niet meer hoe z'n naam luidde. Hij stelde zichzelf voor als the roomboy. Een vijfenveertigjarige Hindoestaan met Elvis-achtig kapsel, anderhalve kop kleiner dan ikzelf. “I'm the roomboy. Anything I can do for you, you tell me. I will be here for you all the time.” And yes he was there for me. Aaaaaaall the time.

Short stories from Asia – Mountain remedy

“Is this cat yours?” I asked the little boy, looking at his backpack where a grey cat with soft yellow eyes was sitting inside and just peeking at us between the two separated parts of the zipper. The boy must have been between eight and ten years old. He seemed tinier than most Nepalese kids I had seen before.

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